Our Mission

We know that the natural worm castings along with the micro organism that inhabit therein, formulate a highly natural organic food for plant life and setting a new bar in the fertilizer industry.

Without doubt, modern day technology has scientifically proven that worm castings enhance plant life in a natural form. Worm castings and the living organism contained therein affect the land by allowing the plant to absorb more of the earth’s nutrients. Casting, as a fertilizer, has proven to be streets ahead of much of its chemical counterparts, which are a necessary evil in the AG industry, due in part to modern day lack of producing castings as an economical natural alternative. The castings farmers and distributors are still in early charted territory and operate on a small scale, however, the planets are beginning to align and in the not too distant future, we predict that this young industry will flourished and push out some of the damaging chemicals used to produced our food today.

More recent efforts in castings research has been aimed at discovering a wide array of insect repellency properties of castings, suggesting their use as a nontoxic natural pest repellent. More to follow on these studies.

TerraVerm claims to be the largest existing farm of its kind in the U.S. We presently operate on 100 acres, process approximately 50,000 pounds of dairy solid manure (nutrients) each day and raise worms in incubation to accommodate three times our existing size. We currently process on a daily basis, animal waste (nutrients) from the largest dairy farm in the tri-state area with 1,700 cows. Our future plans are to open several other locations of larger proportion.

Our mission is to lead the industry in the mass production of castings from animal waste, to become a positive impact for the environment, to create an inroad into the AG industry with a natural fertilizer, to educate and to assist those who care to follow.