About TerraVerm™

In 2004, worm castings was called to attention by one of the principals who decided to experiment on a California organic certified fruit farm. The results were noteworthy. The anecdotal evidence was more fruits than prior years, larger crops, bumper crops and ultimately better tasting fruits. This was a real eye-opener for us (TerraVerm), as well as the organic inspector who was taking photos of the crop. We demystified the power of castings on a personal level by discovering its immediate positive effects in our orchard. With this knowledge, espousing unrestrictive potential, we invested in a worm castings farm operation -- setting up shop in a former chicken house on an existing dairy farm in Southern California.

For the next three years we continued experimenting with castings for our own purposes; testing our ideas and confirming the positive plant life affect with the crop results that were aligning with the studies of Universities in the U.S. and abroad. For us, it was an ideology proven first hand.

Simultaneously with our California operation, in 2006, we purchased a 100-acre farm in Mississippi. We improved the farm with a number of large buildings, increasing its water supply and tooling up with equipment and machinery for a mega worm castings operation. The affirmative action has resulted in our present process of 60,000 pounds of cow manure per day, which in turn, produces four million pounds of castings per year. As an ancillary operation, we raise worms by incubating and growing the livestock in two large buildings. At any given time, we have sufficient livestock inventory in a controlled environment to seed operations multiple times on our existing 100-acre farm.